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C4I Communication LLC is forming a new company, C4I Robotics, to capitalize on the emerging robotic market for non-destructive testing (NDT) in the Gas and Oil industry.  The focused niche and business proposition of the company is in utilizing robots to provide “In Service” (containing product) NDT testing services, of the internal floor of above ground petrochemical storage tanks.  In-service robotic tank inspection, while relatively new, has now been incorporated into the American Petroleum Institute Standards (API 653, API RP 575) which govern inspection of the bottom plates of above ground storage tanks.

Conventional OSS Tank Inspection Cycle


Pipe Robot and tank options

This system is designed form the ground up and will perform the following functions in

• Visual testing of the inside pipe track
• Paint preparation, through sand blasting
• Cleaning the debris, through vacuuming
• Painting of the required section
• Observation of all operations
• Testing of the painted area

The system is controlled from a distance, from a main controller.
This main controller can be build-in into a control trailer/caravan.

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Robotic Cleaning and Paint (Attachment) System

This Crawler is a device that will stick to the vertical above ground metal storage tanks, by a strong magnet, cleaning and de-coating using a rotating, very high pressure, water jet arm and collecting the debris using strong suction. The Crawler is remotely operated from the base of the tank. The debris is guided to a couple of filters, so that the water can be safely and legally exposed off, or reused. The de coated area will be dry and ready for (re) coating ….

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Sludge Removal Unit

the concept development of a (small), modular Sludge Removal Unit (SRU) that can be incorporated
into our electrical robot design.
To successfully remove sludge, like salt sediments and densely packed semi solids, there are a
number of procedures and methods that can be considered
We are basically looking at dredging with an agitator tool, to loosen the sludge and make it
available for removal, through suction. Simply trying the remove sludge with a suction hose,
will not be very efficient. ….

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